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Callaway Edge Review: Are These Golf Clubs Worth The Price?

All golfers want clubs that will pick up their games and reduce their scores. This doesn’t matter if you’re someone who just plays on weekends or a professional. You look for your clubs to make a difference while working with your needs.

There’s an incredibly overwhelming number of clubs to choose from. You can’t just pick up a set of clubs because they’re cheap or because you like the color of the grip. You need to make sure your clubs are the right clubs for your game. No club can make up for lack of expertise or skill. However, some clubs have more going for them than others.

We’re going to review the Callaway Edge golf clubs. We want to help you figure out if these clubs are the best choice for you or if you should go in a different direction.

Your skill level is also essential when choosing your clubs. If your handicap is low, you probably wouldn’t pick the same clubs as someone with a high one. Stay true to yourself, as it can be hard to adapt to the wrong clubs.

You also need to understand where your game needs improvement. Your shots might be going as far as you want them to, but they might lack direction. Your clubs should address your needs and help to turn previous limitations into assets.

Keep reading to see if you should go for the Callaway Edge Golf Set.

What makes this golf set unique?

The Callaway Edge set isn’t available in many golf pro shops. It’s not even available on their website.

The best place to look for this set is at Costco. Alternatively, you can order it off Amazon.

It’s not as though Callaway has gone out of their way at all to tell people about these clubs. There isn’t much in the form of advertising, at all. They might also be underestimating how much their product is worth. It costs only half as much as one of their typical sets. Why are there seemingly so reluctant to spread the word about these clubs? I certainly have no idea.

However, it’s really cool to be “in the know” about these clubs. They’re like a best-kept secret, although they might not be kept secret for much longer, given how nice these clubs are.

Your shots can go further and are a lot less liable to go haywire with Callaway Edge irons.

Using these clubs is simple. They’re quite forgiving, so you don’t need to be a top-of-the-line golfer to use them. However, it’s still good to sharpen any skills that might be lacking.

Consider trying these clubs if you want to turn golf from a hobby into a more serious pursuit. It’s not going to get you into the Masters, but you can definitely see a marked improvement in your game.

What’s Included in the Callaway Edge Set?

Some people think that a golf club set has to include 14 clubs to be legitimate. However, this set doesn’t follow that rule.

 There are 11 clubs in this set, which includes the putter. However, it doesn’t seem incomplete when you see how good these clubs are and when you consider your current needs. If you’re trying to break 100, it’s not as though you need 14 clubs. Start smaller and let your game improve before you add another three clubs to your arsenal.

 When you purchase the Callaway Edge, you’ll get the following:

  • Titanium Driver and head cover
  • 3-wood and head cover
  • 5-Hybrid and head cover
  • 4 Cavity back Irons (6–9i)
  • Pitching wedge
  • Sand wedge
  • Odyssey White Hot Pro Putter

 Two aspects of this are pretty significant. 

 A low-price driver can still cost $200. This one doesn’t look cheap, and it certainly doesn’t act like it. However, it’s still available at an amazingly reasonable rate.

 Additionally, Odyssey putters usually cost between $100 and $150. When you consider having the bag included as well, the cost of these clubs can seem astronomically low compared to other club sets.

 This is such a good deal. It’s way better than contending with all sorts of shoddier yet more expensive clubs.

Detailed Breakdown

The Callaway Edge Driver

As mentioned, the driver definitely doesn’t look cheap.

Compare this to high-end clubs like the Ping G410 or the Callaway Mavrik, and it’ll look like a natural fit.

They call the head of this driver “oversize” due to how it aligns with contemporary driver styles. However, it’s pretty simple, given current tastes.

This driver is made of titanium, which provides speed due to not being very heavy. It also has a shaft made of graphite, which also adds some lightness. If you struggle with swinging speed, this driver can be beneficial for your game.

Its loft is 10.5 degrees. Since this driver is meant for beginning golfers, it’d be nice if this was 12 degrees so that there’d be a reduced risk of slicing. However, its center of gravity is low, which can help your ball go higher up.

Overall, though, it’s excellent if you’re new to golf or want to reduce your handicap.

The Callaway Edge 3 Wood

The set’s 3 wood has a center of gravity that’s relatively low. This, too, will help your ball to achieve a pretty significant lift-off.

A good rule of thumb for buying golf clubs is understanding that the lower the center of gravity is, the easier it will be to hit with the club.

The perimeter weighting can also make your ball go in a smoother direction. You don’t have to sacrifice your ball’s trajectory just for a further distance.

This club’s shaft is also graphite.

The Callaway Edge Hybrid

The purpose of hybrid clubs is to serve as a replacement for long irons and to provide more effortless hitting ability.

There’s a 5 hybrid included in this set. Its loft is 25 degrees. This is meant to serve the same needs as a 5 iron.

This hybrid also has a reasonably compact head, while also being pretty forgiving. If you’re trying to launch your ball, whether you’re teeing off or if you’re trying to get onto the green with your next shot, this is a heckuva hybrid.

Pros and Cons


  • Greater distance: The woods are made so that you’re going to see your shots going a lot further than they were before.
  • Forgiveness levels: These clubs are very forgiving. If you’ve been getting frustrated by the performance of your hits, or lack thereof, you can get help from these clubs
  • Cost: Since these clubs are very forgiving and well designed, it’s impressive how low the prices are. It’s not as though they’re just giving these clubs away. However, they’re definitely offering them at a more-than-fair rate.


  • Pros need not apply: We mentioned that pros use the Odyssey putter included in this set. However, they definitely don’t use these clubs. That doesn’t mean they spit in the face of them or anyone who uses them. These clubs are strictly for beginners. If that’s not you, you’re going to need to look for another set of clubs.

It also looks quite attractive, as do all the clubs in this set.

Callaway Edge Irons Review

The following irons are included with this set: 6, 7, 8, 9, PW, and SW.

All of these irons have cavity backs. They’re also all made to make hitting and launching your ball easier.

If you hit your ball off-center, the faces help keep this from being an issue. This can also result in tighter dispersion, and your shots won’t be a lost cause if you don’t them precisely right.

It’s not the most forgiving of clubs, but it’s still pretty nice. If your clubs are older or generally not well-made, the Callaway Edge is a significant advancement.

Odyssey White Hot Pro Putter

With a complete golf club set, you’ll usually see a putter with the same branding as the rest of the clubs.

However, this set comes with an Odyssey brand putter.

Odyssey is a massive name in putting. If you’ve seen pro golfers sinking shots in PGA competitions, you’ve seen the Odyssey.

Stability is the main reason to use the Odyssey White Hot Pro. You can keep your shots from pushing or pulling and improve your scores because of it.

Having this putter in any set is impressive. You can end your holes and your game on as high of a note as you started them.

Final Thoughts

If you want to get your golf game out of the sand trap, literal or metaphorical, try the Callaway Edge clubs.

With 11 great clubs that can help you get your shots where you want and your scores out of triple digits, this is a great way to help yourself to become the golfer you aspire to be.

Golf Lessons Online: Who Are The Best Golf Instructors?

Learning to play golf isn’t all that difficult. The game is pretty easy to understand with just a few minutes of explanation. However, learning how to become a good golfer is a lot harder. Sure, you know the objective of getting from the tee to the green. But that doesn’t mean your body won’t have a hard time listening to your brain.

This is why you should look into professional instruction. With an expert golf coach by your side, you can tackle some of the biggest problems with your golf game. You don’t have to receive in-person lessons to benefit from instruction, either.

We’ve made this guide to help you find the best golf coaches who are offering online lessons.

What You Need To Understand Before Choosing An Online Golf Coach

1. Don’t seek a quick fix.

The standard way of learning golf was for students to receive a lesson, have swings observed on video, and then go from there. At first, they might see some noticeable improvements in their game. However, as time went on, they would start to lose their mojo. When it was time for their next lesson, they might’ve been back to square one.

The big difference between golf students who improve and keep improving and those who fall back into their old habits is how often they learn and practice. The best golfers know that you can’t just take one lesson and expect it to solve everything.

It’s like how you can’t expect to get strong just by lifting weights for a few hours one afternoon. It might not seem very glamorous to take a slower approach, but it’s a lot more advantageous than trying a lot at once and then burning out before ultimately trying again.

2. Pick a coach whose philosophy you understand.

There needs to be harmony between a coach and a student. If you don’t understand why a coach is advising you to do certain things, even after they’ve repeated their explanation, you shouldn’t feel forced to continue with them. Hiring a coach can be expensive, and your time is also valuable. Give a coach a reasonable chance, but don’t put yourself in a situation where you’re naturally at odds with your coach.

3. Forget the fluff.

It’s great to be on friendly terms with your coach. However, it’s really annoying to spend more than $100 for a lesson that basically consists of chit-chat with some occasional swing critique. Your coach’s primary objective should be to offer instruction. This is a big reason why online lessons are great because the idle conversation is less likely to be an issue.

4. Be patient; it’ll be worth it.

With in-person lessons, students tend to go one after another. Since there is a time crunch and many students to get through, you may be robbed of a chance to forge a connection with your coach. They likely don’t mean to diminish you. It’s just that they have a lot on their plate without a lot of time to give everyone the proper consideration.

Online lessons are great because you have a better chance of getting more comprehensive feedback. Instead of having your coach offer a 30-second summary right after you swing before moving onto the next student, you can post a video and get a much more in-depth response. You’ll have to wait longer, but the wait is worth it.

5.  Implement changes in your own time.

It can be a little nerve-wracking to take in-person lessons. One of the reasons is having other students and coaches watching you. Since golfers need a calm environment, having all of these distractions can pose an issue.

If you really want to improve as a golfer, you need to have a serene setting. Having online instructions that you can receive at home helps you become a much better golfer because you don’t have to worry about what others are doing or thinking. Eventually, you can bring your newfound skills to the course. If anyone or anything poses a distraction, your practice and focus can keep them from intruding on your performance.

The Best Online Golf Lessons Today

We’ve gone over why online golf lessons are worth pursuing. Next, we’re going to talk about the best training and coaches available online.

1. Chuck Quinton – Rotary Swing founder Chuck Quinton has been helping golfers with their swings for more than a decade.

While the Rotary Swing program has seen some changes since its inception, Quinton has consistently kept his teaching style. He’s focused on teaching how to swing in an adaptable and safe way. He goes into how your body should move during the swing and the reasoning behind it.

You need to commit to learning these motions, even when it seems tedious. If you can do this, Chuck Quinton can be a great coach for you.

2. Piers Ward and Andy Proudman – Me And My Golf

Me and My Golf is one of YouTube’s most popular golf channels. They have more than 750,000 subscribers, and their view count is in the millions.

This channel is run by golf coaches Andy Proudman and Piers Ward. Their lessons are fundamental and practical in helping your swing, where you can see a marked improvement with their help.

Ward and Proudman adhere to the philosophy of “take charge of your game.” Aside from their YouTube channel, they also have a website, which you can subscribe to. This site has lots of nuanced instruction aimed at beginners, intermediate, and advanced golfers.

You can get your golf game from a zero to a five and from a five to a 10. With Ward and Proudman’s help, there’s no limit to what your game can be or where it can go.

3. Alex Fortey – Art of Simple Golf: A System Great for Seniors

Art of Simple Golf founder Alex Forney is known for his incredible drives, which go further than 320 yards, and how great an instructor he is. He offers tips that can turn your golf frustrations into golf success. Best of all, you can learn to love golf again.

The word “simple” is an essential part of Forney’s lessons. He shows how much you can improve your game simply but not overthinking.

His videos are straightforward to keep up with. He doesn’t bog things down with jargon, nor does he make things so basic that you feel like you’re wasting your time watching his videos.


Who is the best online golf instructor?

We’ve mentioned three excellent and well-known instructors. They each have outstanding track records and plenty of positive reviews.

But which one is the best?

That’s not our place to say. We’d love to say they’re all tied for first place. However, you might find that one of them is a lot better for you and your needs.

The best way to determine the best online golf instructor is to watch each of these instructors’ introduction videos. However, if you’re just looking at reviews, Chuck Quinton has the most and highest rated overall.

Can you learn golf online?

You absolutely can learn golf online. You need to be willing to put in the effort necessary. If you can’t think of anything but your lack of access to a golf course, your mindset might be sabotaging you. Think about what advantages online lessons offer, such as letting you learn at a steadier pace, saving money, and offering more diversity in instruction. 

How much should golf lessons cost?

It can be pretty expensive to get in-person golf lessons. With an instructor, you can expect to pay as much as $70 per lesson. This can also change widely depending on where you live.

Online lessons help to level the playing field. They cost less, allow you access to instructors you might not be able to learn from without the internet, and you can enjoy a lot more lessons.

Can I teach myself golf?

Being self-taught is an ideal that a lot of people strive for. It’s as if admitting we need help or feedback from another person means we’re inherently not as good. However, trying to learn things on your own can lead to confusion and bad habits that are hard to break.

Learning golf from an instructor is something to cherish. You can keep yourself from implementing poor skills because you’ll have an instructor to show you the right way. You can learn to control your club better and turn problem areas into success areas. Theoretically, you could learn golf on your own. However, it will take much longer to get good, and you could end up doing things incorrectly.

Is it worth getting golf lessons?

If you find value in golf, you should benefit significantly from golf lessons. However, you can’t be attached to any single outcome. The joy should come from the process of learning, not from trying to become the next Master’s champion. From adjusting your grip to slicing your shots, every moment should be appreciated as a chance to become a better golfer. 

Final Thoughts

Golf lessons are crucial to becoming a better golfer. You might be okay with where your game is, but if you’re spending a lot of time on the course, why wouldn’t you want to become better.

After all, golf is the ultimate competitive game. You can compete with yourself and compete with your group. 

We didn’t name all of the great instructors, but we kept it to three to keep things simple. This way, you won’t be going through dozens of names and scratching your head over which ones are highly rated, reputable, etc.

You can become a better golfer. The first step is believing that you can, and the second is making an effort. With any or all of these three instructors, you’ll learn how to tremendously improve your golf game.

Rotary Swing Golf Review: Does It Really Work?

A golfer’s swing is critical for their playing success. However, golfers have different swings, even if the differences aren’t totally noticeable. This goes for professionals as well.

While all pro golfers have their own quirks in their swings, they all have things in common also. These actions are what separates the pros from amateurs. When you see a pro get on the green with such confidence and poise, it’s not an accident.

Chuck Quinton started Rotary Swing, which can help your swing to the point that you begin to feel like a pro yourself.

In this Rotary Swing Academy review, we’re going to tell you about this 5 step system, from its general concept to how it can improve your swing immensely. We’ll also break down the costs to help you determine if you should go for membership.

Stop slicing your shots or letting them stop well short of the green on a par three. Read on to see how much this program helps improve your swing fundamentals.

How Does It Work?

There are other programs similar to Rotary Swing. However, they try to act like getting a better swing is some kind of magic secret. This program cuts through this nonsense, focusing on a scientific approach.

Rotary Swing combines the mental and physical aspects of golf. Have you ever noticed how much your mindset matters when you’re performing your swing? If you’re frustrated or distracted, it’s going to affect your swing.

You don’t need to go to any classroom to learn from this system. Their lessons are all offered online, and each builds off the other. You’ll gradually improve your swing through subtle modifications, so you won’t have to do too much at once.

You won’t even be working with your club right away. You’ll start learning various vital body movements. Once you’ve gotten the hang of this, you’ll learn them in tandem with the club. After that comes learning short and long swings, and so on.

You’ll be guided by instructors who really know their stuff. However, they also know how to explain things in a simple way. You won’t be left stumped during these lessons.

There is on-site training available. However, there aren’t many locations available, so it makes more sense to stick to the online lessons. Be sure you’re careful when swinging your club indoors, of course.

Who Can It Help?

Since Rotary Swing aims to help you improve your swing, the target audience is less-experienced golfers or those who know they need to upgrade their swings considerably. This can also include golfers with years, even decades, of experience. If your old system isn’t working, you’re under no obligation to stick to it. 

Rotary Swing uses kinesiology to help golfers improve their swings. This is the study of body motion, and it’s incredible how just a few adjustments can make such a difference. You can also go easier on your body through these new methods.

You don’t have to throw your old swing out completely. Chances are you’re 97 percent there already. It’s just the extra three percent that you need to bring home.

This program is also beneficial if you love golfing but have trouble finding them to practice on an actual course o a regular basis.

These lessons are all online and let you practice right from home. Sure, it might not be as ideal as practicing at a driving range, but necessity is the mother of invention.

When you can get to the course, all the practice at home will really pay off. 

What’s Included?

Instructional Videos

The complete Rotary Swing Video Library is included in your subscription. Anything you think you could learn to help your golf swing is included here.

There are eight categories for the videos. These are Full Golf Swing, Short Game, Videos For You, Bonus Series, Fault/Fixes, Tour Pros, Golf Fitness, and Rotary Swing Academy.

These videos are sorted in a way that makes it easy to find whichever ones matter most for your game’s development.

There’s also a video guide designed to help viewers locate whatever videos they need to watch next. It’s really cool how this system is designed without ever trying to be too flashy.

The people behind the lessons are also instrumental in this program’s success. These instructors may not be championship golfers, but they are experts on another fundamental matter: bodily movement.

Swing Analysis & Reviews

It can be frustrating to take an online course without private instruction due to the lack of feedback. However, that doesn’t have to be the case with Rotary Swing. They offer students a chance to have swings assessed via Swing Analysis.

With this part of the program, you can post a video, a maximum of 30 seconds, of your golf swing. In as little as a day, you can receive feedback and tips.

The website gives instructions on how to record and post your videos. In short, you need to post two videos. The first is a “down the line” video, while the second is a “face on” one.

Then, you need to post them to Rotary Swing. You’ll get your review in no more than two business days. Following the review, you’ll get advice on videos to watch to help you to improve your swing further.

If you have a standard subscription, you have to wait at least two weeks between postings. However, there’s also an unlimited plan that lets you receive swing feedback more often.

That plan costs $99 per month. You can also choose plans based on specific instructors. The prices for these plans can vary. 

Membership Costs

You may be wondering, well how much does Rotary Swing cost? Signing up is similar to joining a video streaming channel. Fees are charged monthly or annually, and you can enjoy all of their videos and other materials. You can also upgrade your account with things like private instruction and no-limit swing reviews. These are the things you get with a standard membership: 

Monthly Membership

  • $19.97 per month
  • Complete access to Rotary Swing DEAD Drill Learning System
  • .Access to all training videos

Annual Membership

  • $197.97 per year, or $16.50 per month
  • Offers same site usage as with monthly subscription
  • Comes with two free e-books

You can get total usage of the Rotary Swing website and their videos with either membership. The e-books, which come with the annual one, are just picture/text versions of the DEAD Drill videos. However, the new format means there’s added convenience. 

Some extra items you can purchase are unlimited swing reviews and private lessons. The reviews cost $99 per month, but if you get your instructor, that could be as much as $796 per month. 

Getting these lessons in-person can cost even more. For instance, just two hours with founder Chuck Quinton, along with booking a room in Ridgway, Colorado, costs $1,500. You can also get lessons from RST Director of Certification Chris Tyler. These cost $250 an hour.


Many reasons exist to sign up for Rotary Swing over other golf programs. Convenience is a big part of it. You can watch all of these videos as long as you have internet access. If you get the annual plan, you can enjoy the e-books without an internet connection. Reading the information before a match could help you shave a significant number of strokes off your game.

The number of videos and other instructions in this program is also great. There are the DEAD Drill videos as well as many more. You can improve your chipping and stop slicing with help from these videos. Bettering your swing is one part of improving your golf game, but it’s not the only part. 

You can also get your swing assessed by their excellent team of instructors. If you don’t sign up for the unlimited reviews, you’ll be limited to every two weeks. However, the feedback you get is so helpful, so you need to make sure you absorb it. Every time you pick up your club, remember what you need to do and why you need to do it. 

Getting this kind of feedback isn’t possible with every golf program. So, you should savor and appreciate what Rotary Swing has to offer.


Although there’s a lot to love about this system, there are a few things we don’t like about it. 

Most of the people who sign up won’t be able to receive private lessons due to how expensive they are. You may be able to save money for one further down the road, but that’s not going to be the case for everyone.

The pricing design is also a little wonky. While monthly subscriptions are very popular, it’s questionable if you’ll get your money’s worth with this program, based on how much you use it. With a streaming service, you might use it every day. However, a program like this might only get used a few times a month.

You could end up paying a monthly bill for a service you hardly use. This doesn’t mean you’re getting ripped off. It just means you need to consider whether you can afford this service or if you’ll get enough use out of it to warrant a subscription. 

So Is Rotary Swing Worth It?

We’ve gone over the basics and more about Rotary Swing. Does that mean you should sign up for it? We think so, mainly because of how much it offers versus the cost.

If you wanted to learn directly from a PGA golfer, it would cost at least a dollar a minute. These prices could easily triple under other circumstances. You could spend $60 for one lesson that, while helpful, is too short of making a lasting difference in your swing and game.

For $60, you can get three months access. You can go through their videos and get up to six swing reviews. The only difference between this and on-course instruction is the setting.

We hope we’ve illustrated how helpful this program can be. A downside is that you need to use it regularly to get your full money’s worth. However, this is a good incentive to keep up your practice. 

The biggest Rotary Swing takeaway is that it’s a great program for anyone who wants to become a better golfer. If you’ve felt like you’re in a rut with your golf game, Rotary Swing can help you to get out of it.

Best Drivers for Beginners

All golfers, even the great ones, have to start small. This begins with choosing the right set of clubs. If you’re serious about playing golf or improving your game, you need to pick appropriate clubs for beginners.

Since every hole starts with a drive, you need to select the right driver. This is no time to pick one that’s aimed at people who regularly score well under par. You need one that works for you, helping you gradually improve your game and increase your confidence. We’ve made this guide to show you the best beginner drivers. That way, you’ll only be comparing yourself to yourself, not to the pros competing in the Master’s.

Keep in mind that all golfers have their strengths and weaknesses, and that goes for beginners. However, most beginners should find success with these clubs. If you have some golf experience, you should factor that in as you mull over these clubs.

Key Considerations for Choosing a Driver

Some people say you don’t need a driver if you’re a beginner golfer. While there’s no rule saying that you have to use a driver when golfing, and other clubs can undoubtedly come in handy. However, drivers give you a significant advantage thanks to their power. It’s entirely within your right to want as much performance from your golf clubs as possible, and drivers certainly deliver it.

When you go bowling, the lanes aren’t oiled exactly the same as they are for professional bowling contests. However, if you get a strike, no one could argue that you don’t have skills.

The same goes for using a driver. You may want to reach the point where you can get an eagle or albatross with only irons, but a driver doesn’t negate your skills in any way.

Improvements in driver technology have led to more golfers achieving major liftoff at tee time. However, not all drivers are made alike, nor are they all made for the same golfers. If you’re not getting anywhere with a driver, you don’t need to put up with it any longer. Try out a different one and see how your game improves.

You don’t need to waste your time fruitlessly grabbing at clubs until you find the right one. We’ve made this guide to help you understand the most important parts of selecting a driver: the shaft material, its size, and the clubhead shape, along with the degree of loft.

Shaft Material

Golf club shafts come in multiple materials. These are metals, typically graphite, titanium, and steel. Steel shafts are stronger than other ones, and they have greater resistance levels.

However, if you’re a new or relatively novice golfer, you’ll likely find steel shafts harder to handle than graphite ones.

Since graphite is lighter, you’ll have a lot easier time moving the club and getting distance on your shots.

You don’t have to feel like you’re taking baby steps, either. There are lots of professional golfers who prefer to use clubs with graphite shafts. 

Club Head Shape and Size

Your club needs to be in a manageable size for you. The bigger the club is, the bigger its volume is. Cubic centimeters are used to measure golf club volume.

A clubhead’s volume is in the range of 440 to 460 cubic centimeters.

You want to get a club with a large clubhead if you’re a new golfer. There’s greater surface area, which means you significantly improve your odds of hitting the ball on your swing.

When you swing, you don’t have to worry about being precise as much as you would with a smaller clubhead.

Clubheads can come in many shapes, including square and pear-shaped. This is not incidental, as the clubhead shape can affect the club's general performance and the trajectory of the ball.


A clubhead’s face degree of angle is known as the loft. This is a significant influence on your ball’s trajectory and general distance, so you need to make sure you consider this.

The speed of your swing can be impacted immensely by your club’s loft size.

This is a broad range for the speed of your swing based on different lofts.

60 to 70 MPH - 13 to 15-degree driver
70 to 80 MPH - 12 to 14-degree driver
80 to 90 MPH - 11 to 13-degree driver
90 to 10 MPH - 10 to 12-degree driver
100 MPH or more - 9 to 11-degree driver

You need a large loft if you want to get serious distance as a beginner. Unless you’re a complete prodigy, that’s just the truth. However, as you improve your game, you can adjust to clubs without as much loft.

Some clubs let you adjust the loft in case you want to experiment with different styles.

Best Drivers for High Handicappers

1. Cobra King F9 Speedback - Best overall

Rickie Fowler has been a big proponent of Cobra, but they had lots of cloud before his endorsements. The King F9 is a great driver that can help you go from bogeys to brilliance.

You’ll need to choose the proper settings first, but you can expect to see some clear improvements in your game after you do. People who’ve used the King F9 Speedback regularly remark on how much stronger it is than other drivers they’ve used.

The club's sound hitting the ball off the tee is like music to many a golfer’s ears. Your handicap can go down quite a few digits with the King F9 Speedback.


  • Great color design that helps this stand out in your golf bag
  • Hosel adjustment and weight system
  • Very fair price, since a more recent model is out
  • Amazing sound when hitting the ball


  • Doesn’t have a center of gravity adjustability
  • Not a great choice if you want to shape your shots

2. Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo driver - Best for slower swings

Cleveland customers know how good their clubs are. The likes of Shane Lowry and Jamie Sadlowski can attest to their power. If you’re trying to lower your handicap with a powerful driver, check out the Launcher HB Turbo. Your ball can go so much higher and further with this driver.

A Cleveland driver helped me get to reach a scratch handicap. Their clubs have straightforward designs, which include plenty of surface area. You can also get some great shafts on your Cleveland clubs and find one that works with your swinging abilities.

These clubs also have some resemblance to PING clubs due to their crown spines and matte design. You should get this club if you practice slow singers. A rushed and choppy swinging style means you’re not going to get a lot from this club.


  • Simple to swing and observe, resembles PING clubs
  • Very tasteful design due to matte finish and crown lines
  • Pocket-friendly


  • Noisy
  • Doesn’t work very well if you don’t have a slow swing speed

3. Taylormade M4 Driver - Best overall value for your money

While Taylormade’s M range has reached M6 levels, it doesn’t mean the M4 isn’t viable any longer. If you’re trying to get out of the rough, metaphorically, the M4 Driver may feel like it’s made for you. Since Taylormade isn’t shy about dropping new clubs, you can get a great deal on this, an older club that can still give you plenty of new tricks.

If your swing is imperfect, the Taylormade M4 keeps you from embarrassing yourself. It has a twist-face design, and that comes through on the course.

This design is meant to lessen toe and heel strike action. It makes the ball fly in a straighter direction while maintaining a high speed.

The sole has a weight in its back, which you’ll be unable to move. Since your focus needs to reduce your handicap, it’s good not to worry about fidgeting around with weights. The face is in front of a Hammerhead slot, which means more significant flexibility potential for the face.


  • Crown offers simple alignment
  • Easy to direct your shots without having to adjust the weight
  • Constructive Twistface design


  • Newer Taylormade models are available
  • Can’t take weight out of sole


In this section, we’re going to talk about common questions that come up when driver shopping. We can’t address every single question, but we’ll cover the most important ones. Let us know if you have any other questions, and we’ll do our best to answer them.

What is forgiveness?

You don’t need to go to confession if you’re having issues with your golf game. Forgiveness refers to drivers that allow the ball to maintain a straightforward trajectory despite not hitting the clubface center directly.

What are the easiest drivers to hit for beginners?

Every driver in this article is meant to provide forgiveness. If you want the forgiveness levels to be as high as possible, your drive’s degree of loft should be between 10.5 and 12 degrees. The additional backspin can also improve the straightness even further.

Do you want the forgiveness levels to improve even more? I like to buy drivers that are one inch below standard length. While this can mean a bit of a sacrifice on distance, there’s a lot more hitting power and overall consistency.

To get your length reduced, you’ll need to get directly in touch with the club manufacturer. For instance, if you want your Callaway Mavrik to be shortened, you’ll need to talk to the good people at Callaway yourself.

What are the most forgiving drivers for beginners?

There’s no driver that’s regarded as being the most forgiving for beginners. This is all dependent on what kind of golfer you are and what your swing is like. You can deduce what kind of driver to get based on the aspect we’ve discussed earlier.

The bigger your clubhead is, the more surface area you’ll have. A good starting clubhead size is 460 cubic centimeters. A strong loft can also improve your shots with improved backspin.

What loft driver should I buy as a beginning golfer?

A good loft for inexperienced golfers is 10.5 degrees. However, if you can’t get any further than 210 yards, and your drives aren’t going as high as they need to, try out a 12-degree driver. This can be easier to handle and make your balls go further.

Your swing speed is also important when considering your loft. If your drives go further than 260 yards, a 9 or 9.5-degree loft could prove beneficial. Keep in mind that reduced loft can also mean reduced backspin, meaning you’re at risk for more hooking and slicing.

Is a higher loft driver easier to hit?

Yes, having a higher loft means a driver can give your shots more backspin and straighter trajectory.

Do I need a beginning driver with adjustable loft?

There’s no need for your driver to have an adjustable loft if you’re not interested in it. A 10.5-degree loft is great for newcomers, and you may only need to adjust it if your swing speed is particularly fast or slow.

If you have an adjustable loft on your driver, you can try out more swinging methods, which is really nice if you’re trying to track your progress.

How do I measure the speed of my swing?

You can assess your swing speed by the yardages you reach. Go to a testing center to see what your swing speed is exactly.

You can also get an affordable launch monitor. This measures your clubhead speed as well as the speed of the ball.

What degree drivers hit the farthest?

A driver that can hit a ball in the vicinity of 11 degrees and 2,500 RPM spin has the best distance. This can require different ranges for different golfers.

What is center of gravity (CoG) in a driver?

A driver’s center of gravity is an area with even mass distribution. If you find the center of gravity, you can balance the clubhead on an object.

Great drivers for beginners have low centers of gravity, removed from the club’s face. This is so the risk of off-center hits is as lowered significantly. It can also make hitting the ball a whole lot easier.

If your driver has adjustable weights or lofts, you can change the center of gravity yourself. This can also impact your club’s rotation and the trajectory of your club.

What is Moment of Inertia (MoI)?

Moment of Inertia, or MoI, is what happens when force is placed on a change-resistant object. With drivers, the center of gravity is kept in the back for an improved MoI at the point of contact between the club and the ball.

A driver with high MoI tends to have a more solid feel and doesn’t twist as much. Conversely, ones with low MoI have more twisting. This means your drives might not be as accurate and not achieve as much distance. Be sure you get a driver with a high MoI.

Should I buy an adjustable driver?

One of the best drivers available is the TaylorMade SIM Max Driver. Two great things about it are its forgiveness and its adjustment levels.

You don’t have to get an adjustable driver, but you might outgrow your non-adjustable driver pretty quickly. Buying an adjustable driver helps you level up as a golfer without having to buy a brand-new driver.

These drivers tend to cost a bit more than non-adjustable ones, but you can save more money in the long run by being able to stick with one club for longer.

How long will a driver last me?

Golf rules dictate certain guidelines regarding driver size. The ones being made now are skirting the line a bit, but they’re all admissible and are greatly increasing the possibilities for beginning drivers.

However, it’s not like they’re coming out at a completely ridiculous rate and going out of date within months. A driver that’s five-years-old could be as good as one that’s five months old.

Get a new driver when you need to further your game. If your swing speed has become too fast for your club, it’s time to say goodbye.

It can take years to need to move on from your driver. Don’t just go through clubs willy-nilly as you try in vain to find a magic solution to make you a better golfer.

Get a driver that works for the golfer you are now, not the one you want to be. It’s going to take time to become really good, let alone good. Buying a driver that’s too advanced can make you look like the skinny guy at the gym who tries to impress people by attempting to bench 200 pounds without any self-awareness.

You know who’s impressed by that? Absolutely no one is.

Final Thoughts

A golfer’s drive sets the tone for their performance on the rest of the hole and for the rest of the course. You need a driver that aligns with your needs, and as a beginner, you’ll have quite a few needs.

None of the drivers we’ve highlighted have some kind of magic “hole-in-one formula,” because that’s an impossible ideal to live up to. However, they are all great in different ways. The most important thing is choosing a club that works with your skill levels and only tracking your progress, not anyone else’s.

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Top ranking in the Zagat Survey-America’s Golf Courses for facilities and guest service in 2005. 

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Named 47th on Golf Magazine’s “Top 100 You Can Play” list in 2006-2007. 

Ranked No. 65  in “America’s 100 Greatest Public Courses” by Golf Digest, 2006 

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And that’s just a small part of our list of honors. But in spite of those…  awards and citations, we’ve never forgotten that it’s you, the golfer, whom we want to please the most. We want you to experience a golfing adventure that offers the best in intriguing golf holes, excellent conditions, and picturesque scenery. Some courses have a signature hole; we like to think we have 18 of them. As some of our customers have commented every hole at Longaberger is a picture postcard. 

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