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Callaway Edge Review: Are These Golf Clubs Worth The Price?

All golfers want clubs that will pick up their games and reduce their scores. This doesn’t matter if you’re someone who just plays on weekends or a professional. You look for your clubs to make a difference while working with your needs.

There’s an incredibly overwhelming number of clubs to choose from. You can’t just pick up a set of clubs because they’re cheap or because you like the color of the grip. You need to make sure your clubs are the right clubs for your game. No club can make up for lack of expertise or skill. However, some clubs have more going for them than others.

We’re going to review the Callaway Edge golf clubs. We want to help you figure out if these clubs are the best choice for you or if you should go in a different direction.

Your skill level is also essential when choosing your clubs. If your handicap is low, you probably wouldn’t pick the same clubs as someone with a high one. Stay true to yourself, as it can be hard to adapt to the wrong clubs.

You also need to understand where your game needs improvement. Your shots might be going as far as you want them to, but they might lack direction. Your clubs should address your needs and help to turn previous limitations into assets.

Keep reading to see if you should go for the Callaway Edge Golf Set.

What makes this golf set unique?

The Callaway Edge set isn’t available in many golf pro shops. It’s not even available on their website.

The best place to look for this set is at Costco. Alternatively, you can order it off Amazon.

It’s not as though Callaway has gone out of their way at all to tell people about these clubs. There isn’t much in the form of advertising, at all. They might also be underestimating how much their product is worth. It costs only half as much as one of their typical sets. Why are there seemingly so reluctant to spread the word about these clubs? I certainly have no idea.

However, it’s really cool to be “in the know” about these clubs. They’re like a best-kept secret, although they might not be kept secret for much longer, given how nice these clubs are.

Your shots can go further and are a lot less liable to go haywire with Callaway Edge irons.

Using these clubs is simple. They’re quite forgiving, so you don’t need to be a top-of-the-line golfer to use them. However, it’s still good to sharpen any skills that might be lacking.

Consider trying these clubs if you want to turn golf from a hobby into a more serious pursuit. It’s not going to get you into the Masters, but you can definitely see a marked improvement in your game.

What’s Included in the Callaway Edge Set?

Some people think that a golf club set has to include 14 clubs to be legitimate. However, this set doesn’t follow that rule.

 There are 11 clubs in this set, which includes the putter. However, it doesn’t seem incomplete when you see how good these clubs are and when you consider your current needs. If you’re trying to break 100, it’s not as though you need 14 clubs. Start smaller and let your game improve before you add another three clubs to your arsenal.

 When you purchase the Callaway Edge, you’ll get the following:

  • Titanium Driver and head cover
  • 3-wood and head cover
  • 5-Hybrid and head cover
  • 4 Cavity back Irons (6–9i)
  • Pitching wedge
  • Sand wedge
  • Odyssey White Hot Pro Putter

 Two aspects of this are pretty significant. 

 A low-price driver can still cost $200. This one doesn’t look cheap, and it certainly doesn’t act like it. However, it’s still available at an amazingly reasonable rate.

 Additionally, Odyssey putters usually cost between $100 and $150. When you consider having the bag included as well, the cost of these clubs can seem astronomically low compared to other club sets.

 This is such a good deal. It’s way better than contending with all sorts of shoddier yet more expensive clubs.

Detailed Breakdown

The Callaway Edge Driver

As mentioned, the driver definitely doesn’t look cheap.

Compare this to high-end clubs like the Ping G410 or the Callaway Mavrik, and it’ll look like a natural fit.

They call the head of this driver “oversize” due to how it aligns with contemporary driver styles. However, it’s pretty simple, given current tastes.

This driver is made of titanium, which provides speed due to not being very heavy. It also has a shaft made of graphite, which also adds some lightness. If you struggle with swinging speed, this driver can be beneficial for your game.

Its loft is 10.5 degrees. Since this driver is meant for beginning golfers, it’d be nice if this was 12 degrees so that there’d be a reduced risk of slicing. However, its center of gravity is low, which can help your ball go higher up.

Overall, though, it’s excellent if you’re new to golf or want to reduce your handicap.

The Callaway Edge 3 Wood

The set’s 3 wood has a center of gravity that’s relatively low. This, too, will help your ball to achieve a pretty significant lift-off.

A good rule of thumb for buying golf clubs is understanding that the lower the center of gravity is, the easier it will be to hit with the club.

The perimeter weighting can also make your ball go in a smoother direction. You don’t have to sacrifice your ball’s trajectory just for a further distance.

This club’s shaft is also graphite.

The Callaway Edge Hybrid

The purpose of hybrid clubs is to serve as a replacement for long irons and to provide more effortless hitting ability.

There’s a 5 hybrid included in this set. Its loft is 25 degrees. This is meant to serve the same needs as a 5 iron.

This hybrid also has a reasonably compact head, while also being pretty forgiving. If you’re trying to launch your ball, whether you’re teeing off or if you’re trying to get onto the green with your next shot, this is a heckuva hybrid.

Pros and Cons


  • Greater distance: The woods are made so that you’re going to see your shots going a lot further than they were before.
  • Forgiveness levels: These clubs are very forgiving. If you’ve been getting frustrated by the performance of your hits, or lack thereof, you can get help from these clubs
  • Cost: Since these clubs are very forgiving and well designed, it’s impressive how low the prices are. It’s not as though they’re just giving these clubs away. However, they’re definitely offering them at a more-than-fair rate.


  • Pros need not apply: We mentioned that pros use the Odyssey putter included in this set. However, they definitely don’t use these clubs. That doesn’t mean they spit in the face of them or anyone who uses them. These clubs are strictly for beginners. If that’s not you, you’re going to need to look for another set of clubs.

It also looks quite attractive, as do all the clubs in this set.

Callaway Edge Irons Review

The following irons are included with this set: 6, 7, 8, 9, PW, and SW.

All of these irons have cavity backs. They’re also all made to make hitting and launching your ball easier.

If you hit your ball off-center, the faces help keep this from being an issue. This can also result in tighter dispersion, and your shots won’t be a lost cause if you don’t them precisely right.

It’s not the most forgiving of clubs, but it’s still pretty nice. If your clubs are older or generally not well-made, the Callaway Edge is a significant advancement.

Odyssey White Hot Pro Putter

With a complete golf club set, you’ll usually see a putter with the same branding as the rest of the clubs.

However, this set comes with an Odyssey brand putter.

Odyssey is a massive name in putting. If you’ve seen pro golfers sinking shots in PGA competitions, you’ve seen the Odyssey.

Stability is the main reason to use the Odyssey White Hot Pro. You can keep your shots from pushing or pulling and improve your scores because of it.

Having this putter in any set is impressive. You can end your holes and your game on as high of a note as you started them.

Final Thoughts

If you want to get your golf game out of the sand trap, literal or metaphorical, try the Callaway Edge clubs.

With 11 great clubs that can help you get your shots where you want and your scores out of triple digits, this is a great way to help yourself to become the golfer you aspire to be.

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