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Golf Lessons Online: Who Are The Best Golf Instructors?

Learning to play golf isn’t all that difficult. The game is pretty easy to understand with just a few minutes of explanation. However, learning how to become a good golfer is a lot harder. Sure, you know the objective of getting from the tee to the green. But that doesn’t mean your body won’t have a hard time listening to your brain.

This is why you should look into professional instruction. With an expert golf coach by your side, you can tackle some of the biggest problems with your golf game. You don’t have to receive in-person lessons to benefit from instruction, either.

We’ve made this guide to help you find the best golf coaches who are offering online lessons.

What You Need To Understand Before Choosing An Online Golf Coach

1. Don’t seek a quick fix.

The standard way of learning golf was for students to receive a lesson, have swings observed on video, and then go from there. At first, they might see some noticeable improvements in their game. However, as time went on, they would start to lose their mojo. When it was time for their next lesson, they might’ve been back to square one.

The big difference between golf students who improve and keep improving and those who fall back into their old habits is how often they learn and practice. The best golfers know that you can’t just take one lesson and expect it to solve everything.

It’s like how you can’t expect to get strong just by lifting weights for a few hours one afternoon. It might not seem very glamorous to take a slower approach, but it’s a lot more advantageous than trying a lot at once and then burning out before ultimately trying again.

2. Pick a coach whose philosophy you understand.

There needs to be harmony between a coach and a student. If you don’t understand why a coach is advising you to do certain things, even after they’ve repeated their explanation, you shouldn’t feel forced to continue with them. Hiring a coach can be expensive, and your time is also valuable. Give a coach a reasonable chance, but don’t put yourself in a situation where you’re naturally at odds with your coach.

3. Forget the fluff.

It’s great to be on friendly terms with your coach. However, it’s really annoying to spend more than $100 for a lesson that basically consists of chit-chat with some occasional swing critique. Your coach’s primary objective should be to offer instruction. This is a big reason why online lessons are great because the idle conversation is less likely to be an issue.

4. Be patient; it’ll be worth it.

With in-person lessons, students tend to go one after another. Since there is a time crunch and many students to get through, you may be robbed of a chance to forge a connection with your coach. They likely don’t mean to diminish you. It’s just that they have a lot on their plate without a lot of time to give everyone the proper consideration.

Online lessons are great because you have a better chance of getting more comprehensive feedback. Instead of having your coach offer a 30-second summary right after you swing before moving onto the next student, you can post a video and get a much more in-depth response. You’ll have to wait longer, but the wait is worth it.

5.  Implement changes in your own time.

It can be a little nerve-wracking to take in-person lessons. One of the reasons is having other students and coaches watching you. Since golfers need a calm environment, having all of these distractions can pose an issue.

If you really want to improve as a golfer, you need to have a serene setting. Having online instructions that you can receive at home helps you become a much better golfer because you don’t have to worry about what others are doing or thinking. Eventually, you can bring your newfound skills to the course. If anyone or anything poses a distraction, your practice and focus can keep them from intruding on your performance.

The Best Online Golf Lessons Today

We’ve gone over why online golf lessons are worth pursuing. Next, we’re going to talk about the best training and coaches available online.

1. Chuck Quinton – Rotary Swing founder Chuck Quinton has been helping golfers with their swings for more than a decade.

While the Rotary Swing program has seen some changes since its inception, Quinton has consistently kept his teaching style. He’s focused on teaching how to swing in an adaptable and safe way. He goes into how your body should move during the swing and the reasoning behind it.

You need to commit to learning these motions, even when it seems tedious. If you can do this, Chuck Quinton can be a great coach for you.

2. Piers Ward and Andy Proudman – Me And My Golf

Me and My Golf is one of YouTube’s most popular golf channels. They have more than 750,000 subscribers, and their view count is in the millions.

This channel is run by golf coaches Andy Proudman and Piers Ward. Their lessons are fundamental and practical in helping your swing, where you can see a marked improvement with their help.

Ward and Proudman adhere to the philosophy of “take charge of your game.” Aside from their YouTube channel, they also have a website, which you can subscribe to. This site has lots of nuanced instruction aimed at beginners, intermediate, and advanced golfers.

You can get your golf game from a zero to a five and from a five to a 10. With Ward and Proudman’s help, there’s no limit to what your game can be or where it can go.

3. Alex Fortey – Art of Simple Golf: A System Great for Seniors

Art of Simple Golf founder Alex Forney is known for his incredible drives, which go further than 320 yards, and how great an instructor he is. He offers tips that can turn your golf frustrations into golf success. Best of all, you can learn to love golf again.

The word “simple” is an essential part of Forney’s lessons. He shows how much you can improve your game simply but not overthinking.

His videos are straightforward to keep up with. He doesn’t bog things down with jargon, nor does he make things so basic that you feel like you’re wasting your time watching his videos.


Who is the best online golf instructor?

We’ve mentioned three excellent and well-known instructors. They each have outstanding track records and plenty of positive reviews.

But which one is the best?

That’s not our place to say. We’d love to say they’re all tied for first place. However, you might find that one of them is a lot better for you and your needs.

The best way to determine the best online golf instructor is to watch each of these instructors’ introduction videos. However, if you’re just looking at reviews, Chuck Quinton has the most and highest rated overall.

Can you learn golf online?

You absolutely can learn golf online. You need to be willing to put in the effort necessary. If you can’t think of anything but your lack of access to a golf course, your mindset might be sabotaging you. Think about what advantages online lessons offer, such as letting you learn at a steadier pace, saving money, and offering more diversity in instruction. 

How much should golf lessons cost?

It can be pretty expensive to get in-person golf lessons. With an instructor, you can expect to pay as much as $70 per lesson. This can also change widely depending on where you live.

Online lessons help to level the playing field. They cost less, allow you access to instructors you might not be able to learn from without the internet, and you can enjoy a lot more lessons.

Can I teach myself golf?

Being self-taught is an ideal that a lot of people strive for. It’s as if admitting we need help or feedback from another person means we’re inherently not as good. However, trying to learn things on your own can lead to confusion and bad habits that are hard to break.

Learning golf from an instructor is something to cherish. You can keep yourself from implementing poor skills because you’ll have an instructor to show you the right way. You can learn to control your club better and turn problem areas into success areas. Theoretically, you could learn golf on your own. However, it will take much longer to get good, and you could end up doing things incorrectly.

Is it worth getting golf lessons?

If you find value in golf, you should benefit significantly from golf lessons. However, you can’t be attached to any single outcome. The joy should come from the process of learning, not from trying to become the next Master’s champion. From adjusting your grip to slicing your shots, every moment should be appreciated as a chance to become a better golfer. 

Final Thoughts

Golf lessons are crucial to becoming a better golfer. You might be okay with where your game is, but if you’re spending a lot of time on the course, why wouldn’t you want to become better.

After all, golf is the ultimate competitive game. You can compete with yourself and compete with your group. 

We didn’t name all of the great instructors, but we kept it to three to keep things simple. This way, you won’t be going through dozens of names and scratching your head over which ones are highly rated, reputable, etc.

You can become a better golfer. The first step is believing that you can, and the second is making an effort. With any or all of these three instructors, you’ll learn how to tremendously improve your golf game.

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